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Welcome! Help us fund our VBS!

As you may have seen, here at Reformation Church we use the Hide-A-Egg fundraiser as a means in which to provide funding for our yearly Vacation bible school (VBS). We like to use fundraisers that help us make new friends in the community that also help provide a service. This particular event is fun for not only us but for your children as well. We thank you and look forward to egging your yard and pointing our local children to Christ!

Click the button below if you'd like to participate in the fundraiser

Hurry there's still some time left...


By clicking submit you agree to participate in Reformation Church's "Hide-A-Egg" fundraising event. You also agree to the financial obligation selected by the user on the aforementioned form which shall be made payable to Reformation Church through the Venmo platform. Any failure to complete the financial transaction via Venmo shall result in the cancelation of participation in services rendered through the "Hide-A-Egg" fundraising event. These terms are in place and apply only to this event and shall not be in effect for any other previous or future obligation.

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